Celebrity names for star-pet of your family

Did you know that over the course of its life, you will use your dog’s name over 35,000 times? Be sure you’re choosing not only a name you can live with but one you’ll love. Choosing a pet’s name can be both fun and nerve-racking! A puppy needs a name that they can recognize and you need to name him something that has meaning to you and your family! This could set you off searching on an endless list of names most of which you will have never heard of before and some you never want to hear again. While old favourites like Max and Charlie are still popular monikers, a study carried out by pet charity PDSA found that celebrity names like Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Beckham and Elvis are on the rise.

The study found more bizarre choices including a Birmingham-based cat called Ozzy after rocker Ozzy Osbourne and a mischievous tabby named after the cartoon character Sponge Bob Squarepants. More exotic choices include a sleek greyhound called Posh and a portly crossbreed from Bradford called Fat Boy Slim. Singer Beyonce Knowles has also inspired pet owners. One Shar-pei pup from Cardiff who nearly didn’t make it into the world after a difficult birth and is hence a real “survivor” has been named Beyonce by proud owners. Pets give us their unconditional love without demands in return. It’s up to our best feelings and good human qualities to correspond that pristine and immense faithfulness and love.

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