Chateau Poochie: Dog Resort for pampered pets at $2 mn

Chateau Poochie offers elite rooms for Pets at Light House Point, Pompano Beach, Florida. Look again I said pets! That’s right, Chateau Poochie spread over 10,000 square foot invites only four-legged pets as its visitors which leaves the common man to wonder where he belongs. Not only does the resort offer world-class groomers and special treatments for your beloved pets, it also schedules animal social hour broadcasted on Web cam and an assortment of plush services assured to please every fuzzy client’s fad at $2 million. The crown jewel suites are tinted with shades of Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and each suite costs about $87 to $109 per night. The plush pet rooms are equipped with flat-screen TV, Private web cam, custom monogrammed bed linens, and crystal chandelier. A $185 deal per night can ensure your pet a healthy and sound sleep on a $7,000 designer Toboggan bed and the windfall includes a Chateau Poochie janitor sleeping next to your Pet.

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$4 for Tuck in service and $6 for a story time will keep your Pets feeling like a VIP. The beginning of the previous month saw the hotel- opening ceremony followed by the theme of Diamonds and Furs. Mitzi Bitzi designed an $118,000 diamond necklace from Rosenberg Diamonds & Co in Boca Ratan as an upshot of the theme. Other Miscellaneous services include state-of art grooming facilities, bottled water, massages, Doggie social hour and the behavioral institute. We might hear news of Paris’s poochie sipping a Cocktail in Château Poochie and going behind bars for drunken driving.

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