Check out this stylish dog who boasts of a $38,000 grooming regime

While humans around the world are struggling to keep up with the ever-improving style standards, one dog (or his owner particular) has nailed the art of looking so glamorous that it could put many of us to utter shame! Meet Battle – The gorgeous pooch who comes with envious locks and a charm to kill for, all thanks to his owner’s unbound love and obsession!

The three-year-old Afghan Hound lives in Beijing China with a dotting owner (named Kevin Chan) who apparently spends a ridiculous £28,000 on pampering him. Per reports, Battle is bathed regularly every seven to 10 days and it takes a whopping six to eight hours to groom him every time. He is singlehandedly styled by his loving owner after, with products and regimes that are too elaborate to be described. As stated by Chan, “Since the moment I decided to take Battle home, he was already the most beautiful dog in the world. I always tell people I didn’t choose the dog but was chosen by him, therefore I have to try my best to give him the best treatment I can.”

Chan has spent about £11,600 to date on his pet’s grooming equipment and further spends 4,000 to 5,000 CNY every month for his bathing products. And for looking like a stunner, Battle is said to draw a lot of attention on social media as well as in person! We don’t judge you for re-thinking your personal style quotient after reading this!


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