Chihuahua is all about high maintenance

Hmm…so you know those teeny dogs? Yeah, the one Reese Witherspoon carries with her in Legally Blond. Not very intimidating dogs are they…considering you can literally fit them into your pocket. Wait till you see how much it costs maintaining one of those teeny dogs. Research suggests that looking after one Chihuahua’can set you back almost £90,000 over its lifetime. That may explain why the world’s smallest canine breed is so popular with the rich and famous. Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Sharon Osbourne are all known to be fans of the Mexican dogs.

More on the research, it’s said that Chihuahua owners are twice as likely to fork out on fresh meat, vegetables and gravy for their dog’s dinner. They also have a pronounced weakness for costly jewelled collars for their pets, designer doggie-outfits and bespoke beds. The total bill, including veterinary costs, food, grooming, kennels and insurance, is said to come to £6,081 a year – or £88,691 over the Chihuahua’s 13-year average lifespan. Talk about wasting money on your pet!