Chinese boy hires five star hotel’s swimming pool as a birthday treat for his sea lion

‘I’m Chinese. I’m very rich. I want to celebrate my 23rd birthday with my pet viper in a tropical condo in the Amazon, playing candy crush’. This is probably how the Chinese think. The maniacally rich, I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-all-my-cash Chinese. The reason we are so judgmental is because they give us so many opportunities that if we keep biting our tongue any further it will fall off. Who would hire a swimming pool and a personal chef at a five star hotel to give a surprise birthday treat for a pet sea lion? How many of us have really seen a sea lion! Well, this particular Chinese youngster has done it.

Son of multi-billionaire Wang Jianlin, who is worth some $13 billion, made his reservations at the Ocean Spring Hotel resort. Not only did the sea lion have the entire swimming pool for himself, he also got gourmet treats prepared especially by a chef, as well as snacks while he lazed in the lazy temperature-controlled (surely) pool.
This is a point to contemplate – how MUCH money do the Chinese really have? Being slaves for the West must have irked them real bad to have the aggression and drive to show them that they no less a super power than their western allies. But people are going berserk with all the green stuffed through their noses. What else can we expect from a nation that encourages children to think rich and aim to be wealthy?
Maybe we should introduce this boy to a Greek sea lion or some other wild creature. What do you know, with his philanthropic genes and over flowing treasury, he could bail the country out.

[Via – First Slice]

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