Dead pets can be immortalized into diamonds

Pets are a very integral part of people’s life. As an animal lover, I can tell you that losing an animal is at times harder than letting go of people. If you need to put your pet to rest, then you could get them cloned, or mummify them. Or you similar to turning your loved ones into diamonds, you can do the same for your pets. You can turn the carbon in the ashes to man-made diamonds courtesy of companies like LifeGem, from Elk Grove Village, Ill., who claim to have made over 1,000 diamonds in the last 10 years alone. These comprise of pets such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses and armadillos. Dean VandenBiesen, co-founder of the company also assures that the diamonds are quite rare, as “remains have some unique characteristics in terms of the ratios of elements, so no two diamonds are exactly alike.”

Prices for such stone begin at around $1,400, prices which varies based on factors such as color and size. Moreover these are as good as real mined diamonds, say experts. For one-carat of diamond, you need less than one cup of ashes or unpacked hair. Since you can use hair too, just collect all its trimming next summer, and immortalize it even as it is alive!

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[Via – Wsj and Dvice]