Dog cloning? The next big thing for pet owners!

It’s a dog’s world out there. And very soon ill be saying literally if the cloning continues in full swing. Yeah, I’m referring to dog cloning. Two South Korean labs are offering pet owners the chance to clone dogs, but for those looking to bring back a beloved beagle, be ready to wait in line and have plenty of cash on hand. Sooam Biotech is auctioning off five slots to people who want to clone their pets, with bids starting at $1,00,000. The customs service estimates the cost at $60000 per clone. It costs about twice that to breed and train a normal sniffer dog, but only about 30 per cent are good enough to make the grade.

I think it would be better to focus their energies on turning out far more copies of working dogs and endangered breeds than pets and the labs Sooam and RNL Bio Co are doing just that. Meanwhile, if you have the money to spend on this fad, please form a line.

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