Dog-O-Matic: A dog washing machine that is sure to agitate animal rights activists

I am a dog lover so this next product has just failed to tickle my funny bone and left me fuming with anger instead. Known as the Dog-O-Matic it is a mini car-wash that transforms pets from filthy to fluffy in just half an hour. Obviously the entrepreneur has overlooked the interest of the dogs here since any dog owner or lover knows how scared and claustrophobic dogs can get in closed spaces. That along with water spraying on them is sure to raise the heart beat of your pooch and can even result in trauma for your beloved animal. The creator, Romain Jarry, 31 however insists that this device is not cruel (just look at the poor creature in the picture, does he look happy by any chance?) and claims that it was a huge success in home town of St Max, near Nancy. Obviously the French man has never had a dog or never cared enough to actually understand his pet. The man has plans to launch this product in Britain by next year.

I just hope the British are smarter than the folks over at his home town and don’t encourage this enterprise. The crazy man charges £13 ($20) to wash a small dog, £22 ($35) for medium size, rising to £31 ($50) for the largest customers. Even cats can be washed for the price of the small dog. I say let’s just stick to fun bath in open spaces with our pooches.