Dogs in Tokyo live a majestic life

We have always maintained that it’s a dog’s world these days. All over the world, people are pampering their darling pets to an unbelievable extent. So why should Japan not make its mark here too? It is reported that in the land of the rising sun, the number of well-groomed, well-dressed dogs are on the verge of outnumbering those of people. From 2000 on, the dog boom took over Tokyo in earnest as the recovering economy spurred people to a new venue of shopping: pet paradise. Right from what you feed them to how you dress them (in famed brands) and how many jewels are hanging down its collar; every petty thing determines your love for this man’s best friend. Not to forgets gadgets to assist them too. It is said that the fuss is no about showing off one’s darling, but letting the world (and other dog owners) know how aware you are of your dog’s needs, and dedicated to his/her well-being. On personal thoughts – what about the needs of your family and near dear ones? Aren’t they worthy of attention then these four-legged darlings? Jump over to read about this lady who justifies her stand for indulging her pet.

Dog lover, Chikako Narita, put it: “I’m past the age where I get a kick out of dressing up and going dancing. I’d much rather do things for my dog and have people come over to tell me how cute he is.” She believes that “There’s nothing more shameful than a neglectful dog owner.” She also admits that she spends a monthly average of ¥40,000 to ¥50,000, or about $360 to $450, on (2-year-old Pomeranian) Marco’s “happiness.” But to defy all this, a veterinarian Kosuke Ogawa, who works in a pet clinic in Tokyo’s Aoyama district feels that all dogs really need “is food, exercise, and companionship from their owners. Most other things are well . . . not really necessary!