Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum, an adieu to pet hair and litter

Pet lovers are undeniably going to purchase this gadget to keep their carpets and upholsteries spick and span! Specifically designed for pet owners, Dyson’s vacuums have gained unanimous admiration for their floor-cleaning prowess. The Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum features the Root Cyclone constant suction system, automatic carpet height adjustment, a wand attachment that releases and expands up to 17 feet, and the unique advanced turbine head that cleans pet hair from confined spaces with all the fury that it uses to handle your floors. Not only does it suck really well, but it also comes with a ton of attachments that make cleaning furniture and stairs fairly easy too. Emptying the contents is akin to Bill Murray’s style of expelling his confined ghosts in the surreal movie Ghost Busters.

At around $500, the price of the Dawson is daunting. The additional plus point is that it has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

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