Fenway Bark luxury hotel for dogs opens in South Boston

The Americans are serious about their concerns to pets and especially to dogs. In south Boston, a new luxury hotel has been opened aimed at offering the ‘finest amenities to its valued clientele’ as well as ‘an upscale boarding kennel that combined quality service with transparency, so owners would have peace-of-mind when leaving their pups behind’. The Fenway Bark has features including custom-made orthopedic mattresses, acupuncture, hydro-surge massage and gourmet steak and salmon dinners. What is more, pet owners who cannot sleep a wink without saying their goodnights to their honey-bunches can also connect with the ‘guests’ face-face thanks to the Skype equipped luxury suites. It is also working on a 200 square feet play space for the dogs.

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If you are interested to give your best friend a treat, then bear in mind that the prices for dog care range from $40 for a basic one day stay to $150 for an amenities-packed “owner’s box” stay and a weeklong range from $252 to $945 – all depending on the choices of service.

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