Gianni Versace’s Barocco Pet Bowl

Your affectionate hand tenderly touches you pet’s ruffled fur…so that very much tells your pet how much you love that speechless being. But you, being a hard-core pet lover, just can’t settle for any cheap stuff for your pet. If you feast yourself with expensive stuff, you can’t compromise on his happiness. Versace, understanding this Pet-love, has come up with Barocco Pet Bowl. The exquisite Versace Barocco canine dining enhancer is made of fine porcelain and decorated in ornate gold and black scrollwork with lavish 22 carat gold leaf edging and accents.

Anyone bringing this Versace product home would be surely considered as a loony pet freak. Hmm…the chances of your pet eating from much fancier dinnerware than you would actually are not that slim. It goes for a gigantic price tag of $754.

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