Gift your pooch a Swarovski studded collar this Christmas

The idea of a Swarovski crystal-studded dog collar may seem outlandish. And gifting your pet one? Well, heights of indulgence. But the, what the heck, it’s your best friend we are talking about here. And when it’s Christmas, he too deserves to be lavished with the best; it can flaunt. That’s exactly why Greyhound has come with a collar that’s befitting your dog’s affection. Fret not; it’s ain’t as dainty as it seems. The makers have ensured that the collar, while bedazzling outside, is tough and soft otherwise. Thanks to Ross Nappa leather and fiberglass tape’s cleaver use, the collar can take all the beating and bashing with a smile. Of course, this well-designed collar’s real wonder is the playful use of 200 Swarovski Chaton crystals and 15 different color strass crystal stone that gives it the festive feel. Available in three different sizes, it’s a worthy $ 440 well spend, for your pets’ sake.

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