Glitter-and-glue tattoos for dogs is this season’s hottest pet trend

Indulgence is not a crime now, is it? Who cares whether it’s silly or not? And more so, when it’s got to do with your pets! Now, don’t these little ones (as cute as they are) deserve all the pampering they can get? Taking them to Spas, Hotels, Resorts, or even getting them a Ritz-Carlton Signature Pet Bed, is all old school. What’s new and surprisingly the “in thing” is the tattoos for dogs! Can’t believe it? Well, it’s silly (and everyone agrees to that), but it’s true!


Pet groomer Jorge Bendersky is the mastermind behind this invention and justifies himself by saying, “Just because the weather is getting warmer, and dogs are getting their hair cut short, is no reason to lose the glamour.” Hear that! Well, it seems like the magic is working, and every other pet owner wants to get the new temporary glitter-and glue tattoo for their dogs! The tattoo is said to last for as long as a month, but what are the odds of that? One lick, one jump into the puddle, and the $100 worth of tattoo are gone! (As it can be washed off easily with water.) However, on the safer side, there’s nothing to fear, as the glue is non-toxic.

Crazy or not, it’s the trend that’s catching up in New York; want a taste of it?





[Via – Nydailynews]

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