Guests at a London Hotel greeted with a welcoming bark, a wag of the tail and melting brown eyes

A welcoming smile replaced by a bark and the shake of a hand replaced by the wag of a tail. The Staybridge Suites in Vauxhall has added their youngest member on duty at the reception desk. Waggers, a three month old miniature labradoodle with his furry chocolate brown coat and liquidy melting eyes has undergone training for his job at the reception of the hotel.

labradoodle-london-hotel-2He sits proudly at the reception guest as he wags his tail at everyone who approaches the desk. Happy to offer his paw and oblige the guests by letting them pat and cuddle him, this friendly little dog brings a smile on everyone’s face.

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labradoodle-london-hotel-3Labradoodles are known to be sociable, friendly and obedient dogs that enjoy the company of humans. He seems to have just the right characteristics for the job that he seems to enjoy.

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