Harrods Pet Spa woos the pampered pets

The world is waking up to the growing demand for luxury resorts and spas for pets. The latest on this new luxury trend is opening a brand new ultra-luxe pet spa in Harrods of London. Located on the fourth floor of Harrods, this Pet Spa is all set to redefine the luxury standards for pets when it opens its doors this week. The services on offer at this spa include everything from nutrition consultations to nail-painting, you name it, and they have got it. The best place to pamper your pet dog, cat, or even ferret this holiday season, this is what we call ultimate pet pampering. The many relaxation treatments offered at the Pet Spa include a Thalassotherapy mud bath that costs £49.95 ($80), full-body grooming upwards of £85 ($136), luxury massage £125 ($200), and Reiki healing £175 ($281).

After your pet steps out of the spa, you treat him to a few goodies at the Harrods Pet Kingdom, which has on offer a range of items including ‘Chewy Vuitton’ handbag-shaped cushions costing £119 ($191), diamante collars £530 ($851), crystal-studded gold-lamé Robert Cavalli dog-coats £249 ($400), and Perspex dog beds £1,200 ($1926). Top dog trainer and behaviorist Robert Alleyne, of BBC TV’s Dog Borstal fame, is also present to advise you on any pet behavioral problems.
So go ahead and spoil your pet at this Pet Spa that offers anything and everything for that pampered pet of yours.

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