Helicopter ride of $14k exclusively for a pet cat

It’s the end of the day and I am lost at words. Not because I have written enough, but because I came across this unbelievable fact at Spluch. The bar of pampering pets is raised to stunning heights. Can you believe that an Italian couple paid £7,000 ($14,000) for a private helicopter to relocate their pet cat from Rome to Sardinia? Why? Because it was afraid of planes and boats. Couldn’t they just put him/her in a pet carrier and carried on a ferry yourself? Luigi and Donna DiMichele had a different opinion when they were moving home from the Italian capital to the island of Sardinia. Their black cat Fufi had the audacity to refuse to go near any of the ferries or even planes. This pompous feline pet only seemed to be happy around helicopters. Some cats have all the luck!

Donna said: “Fufi means a lot to us, and so investing so much money in one trip was worth it.”