Japanese spend humongous amounts on doggy day care, dog nurseries and homes for aged dogs

Life isn’t a bed of roses when you and your spouse are working round the clock. Worrying about your kids can take a back-seat for now as it’s more important that you take care of your dog an especially if it’s aging. The kids are anyway always taken care of its the poor canines that need the love, care, and attention, so what if you have to pay oodles of moolah to get them their special treatments. That’s the trend in Tokyo at least. Masaaki Abe, president of Dogs DayCare Japan in Tokyo’s Minato Ward has hence started daycare centers for dogs and homes for aged dogs. Owners are required to pay an admission fee of $192 plus slightly more than $2840 per quarter if their dogs are small. Thankfully, transportation, meals, trimming, and health management expenses are inclusive.

ts surely a dogs world out there with The Pet Resort College, which opened in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, in September 2007, offering a pet hotel and a lifelong care program for old dogs. The prices are nothing but exorbitant with a deposit of $2750, which is refundable on termination of contract and, hold your breath, $135,000 is required for small and medium-size dogs that are more than 8 years old. What does the owner get in the end? A photograph of your poodle, or German shepherd or whatever every month.

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