Jentle Pet Spa promises a therapeutic bathing experience for your pooch

Those who have pets at home would tell you how these aren’t random strays, but a member of the family! As people try to humanize their pet friends, spas, hotels, resorts, chauffer services, and private jets have cropped up at a lot of places. While luxury pet care centers are also an option, you can recreate the same luxury in your elegant home too. After signature beds, baby bath tubs and high-tech bathing chambers it’s time to take a look at MTI Baths’ best bet for pets too. The brand’s Jentle Pet spa for dogs is said to be ergonomic, comfortable, therapeutic, and safe for your pooch. The spa set makes place for shampoos and supplies, complete with a fill spout and hand shower with warm and cold water options to make the bathing process as simple as possible.

The Jentle Pet also comes with a whirlpool with 5 point-massage jets, a removable hair filter, and something called a Fill-Flush whirlpool cleaning system. You can pick either a medium or large-sized tub, depending on the size of your dog. Available in four different packages, prices range between $1,500 and $3,200.


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