Luxurious Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House

I love dogs. And I would certainly go out of my way to make sure my beloved pooch is well taken care of. So even though people might think it is a crazy idea to splurge on your pooch during the credit crunch, I would prefer to disagree. And for all those who think like me, here is the latest way to pamper your pooch. Known as the Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House, it has been designed for uber-rich fashion-conscious pet owners and promises to be a haven for your four-legged buddy. Here is what this luxurious mansion has an offer for your pet. The house is designed with gingerbread trim and gable that surrounds a 6 x 8-foot space for your buddy to frolic in fair weather and a covered snooze nook to escape into when it is time to put his paws to rest.

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A treat for your pet, they will definitely appreciate it. With beautiful heart-shaped windows and exquisite interiors, your dog will never think of leaving this lovely abode. Priced at $4,300, it is the best way to pamper your luxury-loving pooch.

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