Luxury Food for Dogs: What Lavish Pet Owners Feed their Pets

Every animal lover, especially those that own highly exclusive pets, understands the urge to keep their animal companions healthy and safe. Aside from understanding what their nature is according to their breed, pet owners should also make sure that their pets are sufficiently nourished and healthy. Lavish dog owners don’t shy away from spending thousands of dollars for their dogs, and their budgets don’t end with designer clothes, expensive pampering, and luxurious accessories. They also invest in luxury food like holistic dog food, gourmet food, and natural products.

When a dog’s overall wellness is ensured, your dog will not only be more physically active and healthier but he will also have a better general disposition. This means that the food they eat must be given a high priority. These luxury food items and gourmet meals are enriched with carefully selected ingredients that can provide higher fatty acid levels and more digestible forms of protein. Since each dog has unique and varying nutritional needs, there are also different holistic dog blends that suit their needs.

Gourmet food for dogs :
One of the most expensive dog and cat food items is caviar. There are some exclusive shops in Beverly Hills that sell caviar from Eastern Europe for your beloved pets. If your pet is picky, you can also get them vegan caviar. The good thing about caviar as pet food is that it’s rich in Omega 6 and 3 and provides polyunsaturated fatty acids. Compared to other food and fish oil, caviar for pets contains more vitamins and minerals. For pet owners, feeding your pets with caviar is easy because these caviar shops sell this product in a handy bottle that’s easy to open and seal. On top of that, it also doesn’t have a strong odor.

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Aside from caviar, other pet owners also want to shower their pets with expensive wine made especially for cats and dogs. Most of the cat wines are made from merlot grapes, while dogs drink wines of the Zinfandel variety. However, these are not 100% wine. Aside from its wine content, luxury pet wine bottles contain a mixture of mashed vegetables and meat, infused with delicious aromas. Indeed, these pet owners know how to bring more class even when preparing their pet’s food.

If there’s a wine for dogs, there are also exclusive luxury beers for them. Premium beer brands like Bowser Beer also launched their own versions of dog-safe craft beer. These beers are sold in packs of six small beer bottles in strong and mild flavors. The former is made of warm, red meat, while the latter is chicken-flavored.

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Aside from these luxury pet food items, pet owners can also order bespoke meals for their dogs in some exclusive shops. The food from these shops ranges from kangaroo meat in linseed oil, venison, and other food cooked with organically-grown vegetables.

Holistic pet food :
Apart from the aforementioned food items, the need to make these exclusive and luxurious pets fit and healthy paved the way for the rise of holistic pet food products. Instead of feeding their pets with gourmet-style meals, health-conscious and picky pet owners opt for holistic pet food. The reasons behind these choices can be summarized as follows:

Holistic food improves their dog’s coat health: Though there are breeds that don’t fit this category, generally, shiny and low shedding are signs of a healthy dog coat. One of the most effective ingredients that helps improve coat health is fish oil. Most holistic pet foods contain this ingredient for this specific purpose. The good news is if your dog’s food has less fillers and more healthy supplements, even those who shed naturally will experience less shedding.
Holistic pet food improves the dog’s skin: Oils in well-balanced food can keep your pet’s skin hydrated and can also prevent it from flaking. Vitamin E and fish oil are two of the main pet food ingredients that you should look for.
Holistic food for improved eye health: The holistic pet foods available on the market are usually rich in antioxidants. This means that they are great for the dog’s overall health and also beneficial for their eyes.

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Dogs are pretty much like humans. This is why the most devoted pet owners try their best to let their dogs experience the kind of luxury they themselves experience. Health-wise, good food makes these pets more energized. As your dog continues to eat low-quality food, his body will expend and waste more energy in breaking the food down in sizes that will allow it to obtain the nutrients.

Since more energy has already been spent breaking down food, he will feel lethargic and less energized for other daily activities like playing and walking around. If, however, you switch to better-quality food, the nutrients from the food are already available for immediate use. Hence, your dog will feel more lively and active.

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