Luxury pet care center Irion opens up in Seoul

Dogs have all the fun, I tell you, they do. Be it any part of the world. In South Korea, luxury pet care center Irion has opened its doors to Seoul’s affluent pet owners who have joined the western habit of pampering their pet dogs. The rates are up to $60 a day for a dog kindergarten and up to $180 a day for a doggy hotel room. It includes grooming, medical services, hotel rooms, a kindergarten, a training room, and an accessory store. Pets that are enrolled in the kindergarten program can learn how to communicate with people and other animals. This program originated in the UK. The company says that it takes ‘comprehensive steps to ensure the pets’ mental stability and physical health and so the kindergarten and the hotel rooms play soothing music for them.’ There are also stand-by veterinarians. Owners can also keep a tab of what happens with videos provided to them when they come to pick up their beloved canines.


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