Meet the pampered doggy divas who live in the lap of luxury

Lola, Rocco, and Jake might not have been featured in the list of the world’s most famous celebrity pets, but they still managed to make it to the headlines. Their claim to fame is their qualification for the finals of the Pet Personality Awards. These three adorable pet dogs are actually some of the most pampered pooches in the world! Here is a peep into their diva-doggy lifestyles. Lola is one doggy diva who is spoilt to no end by her 30-year-old owner, Louise Harris. From Chelmsford, Essex, Louise calculates she’s spent over £70,000 ($116,360) on Lola so far – and she’s only five years old! Besides pampering Lola with designer clothes and collars, Louise also plans on getting Lola an 18-carat gold doggy necklace with a little gold bone, which will cost £3,500 ($5,800). That’s not all. Lola also has not one but eight luxury beds designed especially for her in every room of Louise’s house. One of them is wrought iron, pink, four-poster fantasy fairy bed encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

Jake is another pampered pooch who has made his owner Nick Robinson spend around £40,000 ($66,500) to ensure he always lives in the lap of luxury. Jake, a golden retriever, is pampered with pet designer clothes, diamond-encrusted collars, ear muffs, and tail warmers purchased exclusively from Harrods. Jake is also treated to luxury pedicures, muscle relaxing baths, and regular, two-hour-long massage sessions.
Rocco is a Jack Russell-corgie cross who tastes and likes only the finest things money can buy. Offer him common dog food, and he will immediately turn his nose up. Luckily for him, his owner is more than happy to indulge his expensive taste buds and treats him to the finest fillet steak meal. On weekends, Rocco, six, insists on joining his owner, freelance beauty PR Persephone, and boyfriend Andrew for sit-down meals. The fussy dog not only turns his nose up on designer collars but also gets the most presents during Christmas.
All three owners don’t seem to mind the extravagance and, in fact, love to splurge on their beloved pets. We are sure the dogs aren’t complaining.

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