Some of the most expensive pet fish displayed in Taiwan costing $ 100,000

Having an aquarium at home is never a bad thing, particularly because these glass cases house beautiful fishes and are a great way to brighten up the aura of your home. Well, if you love aquariums just as much as we do and you’re looking for pets who are a step away from the ordinary, here’s what you should add to your fish-list, some of the world’s most expensive fishes called Polka Dot Rays. These fishes, obviously, are extremely rare and are bred only in captivity. The fishes have a unique mutation at the front of their heads, a U-shaped bump instead of the round disc regular sting rays have.

This mutation makes it impossible for the fish to feed itself, which is why this breed in particular requires hand feeding. Lin Yue-Ping, breeder of A-Long Aquarium says, “This stingray is mutated. It’s difficult to breed one with the groove in the front. Normally a stingray hunts shellfish with its mouth. But the mutated stingray can’t hunt shellfish because the groove prevents it from catching its own food. So they have to be hand fed. This mutated stingray can’t be survived in the ocean.” The Polka Dot Ray will set you back by roughly about $100,000 and requires all the care and attention in the world!

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[Via – CNTV]