Obama’s dog Bo tops the list of world’s most famous celebrity pets

Besides the huge entourage accompanying some of the most high profile celebrities, you can also spot a four-legged companion accompanying many famous stars. Maybe this four-legged buddy is their only best friend, or it’s another way to gain some popularity, but the tag-along pet is definitely making headlines these days. The pampering and the constant affection that these pets demand from their celebrity owners have made them as famous as the stars themselves. Hence today, we bring you some of the most celebrity pets, as reported by the UK’s Telegraph. First on the list is obviously the dog of the first family of the USA, Bo. Bo is a darling Portuguese water dog whom the President, Mr. Obama, accepted as a gift from Edward Kennedy and gifted to his two daughters.

Following close on the heels of the America’s first dog is none other than socialite Paris Hilton’s pooch, Tinkerbell Hilton. The Chihuahua, who accompanies the socialite at various events sitting in a designer handbag is one spoiled pooch. Like her spoilt owner, Tinkerbell lives in a $325 000 dollar dog house with her canine brothers and sisters at Paris’ Beverly Hills pad. When you think of celebrity pets, we can definitely not forget Bubbles, the beloved pet chimpanzee of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. Bubbles are now being cared for at an animal range in California.
Other celebrity pets include the Queen’s Corgis, Britney Spears’ Chihuahua Bit-Bit, the innumerable pets of the Osbourne family, Cheryl Cole’s darling Chihuahua Buster as well as Mariah Carrey’s Jack Russell terrier, Jack who has featured in many of her videos.
If you think the list is over, you are definitely wrong. Just like the innumerable stars in Hollywood, there are innumerable pets as well. So our list continues with Welsh Corgi-terrier Norman and German shepherd Dolly who are Jennifer Aniston’s pets. Then there is Jinxy, a Maltese owned by Eva Longoria-Parker. Even Elton John has his own darling pet named Arthur, a Cocker Spaniel (who was also the best man at his wedding). Winston, the dog of rocker Gavin Rossdale, Indo the adorable Rottweiler of Will Smith, Jackie the Jack Russell of Tennis sensation Serena Williams and Flossie the Labrador owned by Drew Barrymore round up the list of the most celebrity pets.

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