Obama’s dog flies to family vacation on private jet

Bo, the Obama’s family dog topped the list of the world’s most famous celebrity pets. Living up to his new status, the first dog arrived for the family vacation in Maine in a small private jet. The Portuguese water dog made a grand entry shortly after the jet carrying the President and his family arrived. This news had set many a tongues wagging and infuriated the conservatives who condemned this extravagance of flying the pooch on his very own special jet. However it was later brought to the attention that Bo was not the only passenger in this private jet. In fact he was just one of the occupants in this jet that comprised of Mr. President’s staff. The first family had to use a smaller jet (the Gulfstream GIII/G3 jet) as the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton was too small to land the Air Force One. Hence the need of two aircrafts arose.

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Although the dog story might die down, I wonder how the President hopes to deal with the criticism that is sure to arise over the number of holiday’s and golf trips the President has taken. Especially after he promised that he will not rest until the Gulf oil spill is resolved.

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