Opening soon: Great Kitten London – movies for cats, café and shelter included

Do you often have dreams of cat havens, rooms filled with cute furry four-legged felines running about you? If yes, you should consider yourself a cat lover and get on board with Great Kitten because it’s just what you’ve been dreaming about. Its creators, entrepreneurs Paula Siedlecka and William Piper, are cat lovers in London trying to open a cat shelter that also allows humans to come and spend time and interact with the fur-balls at the cat cinema and café. The idea, taken from a Japanese cat café, begun in February and is currently on its crowdfunding stage to raise $177,000 (£120,000) to build up the place. The cinema and café concept would allow cat lovers to watch a movie, drink a cuppa while cuddling up with one of the in-house cats. However, Paula and William have greater plans that go beyond just the play pen interactions and those are: one, a permanent home for homeless cat and two, bringing animal (cat) therapy to special needs kids and adults.

Great Kitten might open up in Crouch End, North London by popular social media demand, though that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Even without a place or some steady progress, they’ve come up with pricing for the cinema which only proves their determination to get this started. The one-hour and two-hour slots are reasonably priced at $7.50-$9 (£5-£6) and $12-$15 (£8-£10). The duo is currently taking suggestions for the first movie screening at their cat cinema. Gung ho on the idea? Head over to their Facebook page to suggest a cat-friendly movie and if you feel like it too, you could even put a little forward to help Great Kitten come alive.

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Great Kitten, will be London’s first cat cinema but not cat café, since Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium opened last year at Shoreditch, East London.

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