Opulent Zero Edge Aquariums brighten up living space

If you would like to add a little life to your otherwise boring living room, you could bring in some pets. However, having a dog or a cat when you are too busy can be a real hassle. Fish can actually be a great option for busy people who look for companionship and make the living room better. The sight of a well-decorated aquarium can brighten up any room. With that in mind, here is a cool and chic ZeroEdge Aquarium, which is rather expensive for aquariums. In fact, this aquarium is so luxurious that it reminds you of overflowing infinite swimming pools mostly seen in upmarket homes these days.

This overflowing aquatic environment is best suited for fish that do not jump as it comes with no lid. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can be used in both office spaces and residences. The chic ZeroEdge Aquariums cost $600 and above, and can cost much more than that if you customize it in such away. We had written about a much more expensive Labyrinth Aquarium which costs $6,500. You might want to read about that as well!
Via: Uncrate

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