Outward Hound Auto Window Bumper – a car accessory for your dog

I believe all canine breeds from mutts to purebreds deserve unique dog gifts, because your pooch is your canine baby. Average people, of course, buy their pets balls and new collars, rawhide bones and chew toys. But some folks treat their pets as good as humans or even better. So what do you think is a novelty for such a truly pampered pet? Answer – Outward Hound Auto Window Bumper! It’s actually an auto window bumper doggie chin rest. Simply adjust the window to the desired height and slide it on to the top of the window. The metal clips inside the pad hold the bumper to the window. By the way have you ever heard your or any pet saying “ouch” when they rest their chin on the window?

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It’s only your uncompromising love for your pet that will drive you to pick it up for $6.