Pampered pooch feasts on diamonds worth $10,000

We have all heard of the excuse “the dog ate my homework”. However, Chuck Roberts of John Ross Jewelers had an altogether different excuse; it was “the dog ate the diamonds” The now infamous dog Honey Bun swallowed $10,000 worth of diamonds. Roberts, who was busy with a customer inadvertently left 4 pouches of diamonds on the desk he was working on. When he returned back he found the contents of one pouch empty and Honey Bun sitting near by. His suspicions were confirmed with an x-ray of Honey Bun. After waiting a day for the diamonds to pass through the digestive tract of dear Honey Bun (gross), Roberts was able to recover the diamonds. The diamonds were immediately cleaned and sent back to the supplier. It appears diamonds are not only girl’s best friend, it’s now officially dog’s best friend too.

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