Pet mummification makes your beloved pal immortal

Everyone has their own special way of keeping the memories of their loved one’s alive. Pets today are as much a part of the family as anyone else and pet lovers spare no expenses when it comes to preserving the memories of their darling companions after their demise, case in point cloning of dead pets. The latest option offered for pet lovers to keep the memories of their pet alive forever is pet mummification. A ritual, practiced in ancient Egypt, mummification of pets involved a process in which the pets of the rich were mummified by wrapping their bodies with special balms and herbs. Today this practice has been revived by Summum who offer pet mummification and transference services. They only require you to transfer your pet’s body to their facility in Salt Lake City.

The Summum “science of Mummification revives the ancient art of wrapping the body and treating it with oil, while Transference aids the journey of your pet’s essence to its next destination.” When the Mummification and Transference are complete, your pet is placed in a bronze Mummiform. The process is not a fast one and usually takes five to ten months. The procedure is not cheap either. For pets weighing between 61lbs to 100lbs the mummification process costs $28,000 while the bronze Mummiform costs an additional sum that ranges anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.