Pet Shop Boys: Luxury retailer and wellness center for dogs

Dog owners in Vancouver who love to pamper their beloved pooches, here is some good news. The first-ever luxury retailer and wellness center exclusively for dogs has opened on Cambie Street. Uniquely named, the Pet Shop Boys and bearing absolutely no affiliation to the music duo, this 1500 square foot boutique offers everything you need to pamper your canine. You can find almost everything in this boutique, from designed jeweled collars to diamond-studded dog bowls. You can also choose from an array of high-end services to spoil your pooch. The unique services at this luxury wellness center include a hydrotherapy massage; Reiki massages as well as a unique Psychic Consultation that lets you connect with your pooch on a whole new level. Opt for these unique services or settle for the delicious treats.

A haven for dogs, if you wish to pamper your dog, then the Pet Shop Boys boutique is definitely the place for you.