PetChatz lets you videoconference and even dispense treats to pampered pets

I never had a pet. I didn’t know how to keep one. It seems like this is going to be that metaphorical push in the pet store’s direction. Or for those of you who do have pets, one in the direction of your computer sets. To pre-order! PetChatz that is. After all, this new pet communication system not only lets you interact remotely with your cuddly companions but also feeds them their yummy favorites.

Say goodbye to the guilt of leaving behind your pet, be it for work or a vacation. The system stars two-way video, so you and your pet can see each other when it’s on. How this happens is that PetChatz alerts you when your pet is around or plays a tone to attract its attention. Once it’s in front of the screen, you can dispense a treat or release a scent for your pet to sniff on. While a “calming” scent is available, pet parents can also mix their own customized scent.

The device works by connecting to your WiFi network, which allows remote activation via the PetChatz website or an app compatible with most smartphones and tablets. PetChatz is also equipped with sound and motion detectors that give the alerts and (alert!) is available exclusively online for $349.

[Via – Ohgizmo and Petchatz]

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