Pets Jets unveils the Pet Jets Plan for pet flight information

Pet hospitality is on an all time high. From hotels to luxury jets, every enterprise is busy catering to the needs of their clients’ four legged buddies. Extending the hospitality even further, are Pet Jets who have established the new Pet Jet Pals program. The program was developed after seeing the response and requests of pet owners for pet flights. The program assists pet owners with the cost of chartering private aircraft for pets and their owner. Fiske, the founder of Pet Jets thought there should be a better way for pets to travel with their owners and hence created Pet Jets.

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Pet Jets simply networks with the many FAA approved air carriers and seeks empty-leg or special one way pricing in private aircraft that allow pets. Flying with your pet in the same cabin is definitely much better than sending your pet alone in cargo holds. In fact, you will enjoy the experience with likeminded travelers who also have their pets as travel companions.
Those interested in sharing a flight in the new Pet Jet Pals program, visit the website or email them your requested travel dates, numbers of human passengers and pets at: [email protected].

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