Pooch Pampering goes worth $7.1 million and beyond in Germany

It’s not just Paris Hilton pampering her pets these days. The German Kennel Club (VDH) recently quoted that German pooches are getting the royal treatment as owners scoop out more than $7.1 billion each year for pedicures, winter jackets and even wedding dresses for their dogs. The four-legged animals are so in focus that boutiques and websites across the country are popping up just to cater to their fancy needs. Boutique owner Monika Knut says that owners frequent her store asking for outfits for their dogs that match their own. Owner of boutique “Every dog is a star”, Koko Von Knebel not just caters to the upper 10,000, her clientele extends to Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt and US too. One of her customers is Oma Muller, who can spend about $19,000 on a Swarovski studded bed, adding an Obama-themed bed to go with it. The Kiel native inaugurated her store with only 200 items, but continued interest helped her extend her empire to 10,000 canine accessories today.

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This trend has already been prevalent across the Atlantic, in the US where dog owners spend more than $50 billion on their pets for everything from Swarovski studded collars to testicular implants. In Japan, it’s even more hyped, as cats and dogs are more popular than children and the population of pets exceeds that of children under 15 by 23 million. However, Steffen Beuys from German Humane society is of the opinion that nail polishes, winter coats or fancy collars are the cruelest things for animals as these things focus on satisfying the vanities of the animals than their actual needs.

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