Move over cat baskets! The Rondo stand is the coolest new cat crib around

So you like to treat your kitty to relaxing retreats at Ings and the occasional international private jet ride, but you haven’t given your pet a taste of true luxury until you’ve bought her a little place of her own! For felines who crave a luxurious corner all to themselves, Pet Interiors has created the Rondo cat stand, a sleek and functional den that adds a cool design element to your home. The wide cylindrical pod can be mounted either on a traditional pedestal stand or directly affixed to a wall creating a cool suspended cave for your cat. It is available in a variety of materials including leather, wicker, leatherette and even crochet! The Rondo comes with an interior cushion which is created with a latex flake mixture that retains its shape and offers high comfort. It features a removable machine washable cover made of brushed wool fleece which is available in 9 different colors. You can also get your Rondo outfitted with scratch covers made from enduring needle felt to give your cat a unique scratching post.

The Rondo was nominated for the German design award in 2007 and is manufactured in a small workshop in Upper Franconia. You can also order a bespoke piece if you want you give your cat a custom crib. The Rondo retails for $855 at




[Available at Pet-Interiors]

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