Ruff Club is a membership-only dogs club in Manhattan

A dog is man’s best friend, so it’s about time we start treating them as such. This is where Ruff club enters the picture; they describe themselves as a contemporary pet care hub. Much like daycare, it’s a great place for you to meet other like-minded people. However, this isn’t some rustic operation like most daycares, and you can hang out at the club or check your dog in through an iPad kiosk. You can even live stream your dog’s activities while you’re at work, though you should probably make sure no one sees you doing this.

The dogs, of course, are central to this project and thus well pampered and taken care of with daycare, boarding, and grooming all provided for. However, like all good clubs, Ruff club doesn’t allow just anybody to join; while the people do not have to go through a screening process, the dogs definitely do. The dogs are tested to ensure that they can be easily handled and play well with others; for dogs with separation anxiety, the club even offers a generous separation anxiety window. As of right now, the club’s screening process seems extremely fair. However, we’ll have to see if, like other exclusive clubs, breeding starts to hold more weight. On a more magnanimous note, the club sponsors several scholarships throughout the year to ensure the neighborhood’s diversity is represented, and they help facilitate the adoption of dogs. The membership fee for this East Village club is priced at $149 a year, with daycare starting at $29 and boarding at $49 a night.

[Ruffclub Via Nytimes]

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