Shirley, the super dog model is paid $50,000 to be face of Petite Armande fragrance

If only god made me as beautiful as Gisele Bundchen or as cute as Shirley the dog. Either ways, I could have made millions by launching brands. Shirley, from North London, the face of a new fragrance from one of the finest noses in British perfume, is the latest supermodel to hit the billboard. This three-year-old grande bassett, to be correct, gets paid about $50,000 (£25,000) for such a job. From today onwards, her picture will be flashed on billboards nationwide as she models Petite Armande, by Lyn Harris. There will be a viral video marketing campaign and the promise of future work for the seller, Mungo & Maud, modelling products in Britain’s rapidly expanding luxury pet industry. The new perfume is a £38 ($80) bottle with scent of sweet vanilla bourbon, with grace notes of French blackcurrant and Tunisian neroli. Shirley beat 29 hopefuls at a final audition in Hoxton, East London. She apparently brings the professionalism of Kate Moss to the dog modeling world. An industry insider described her as “one of the best-behaved bitches in the business”.

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However she has tough competition as three days later Harrods will introduce its own dog perfume, Sexy Beast, at its annual dog fashion show, but Mungo & Maud is confident that it has found the right dog.