Sinking Titanic concept turned into luxurious cat condo-playhouse for $2000

With decades between the Titanic and the current day, we don’t think anybody would mind that Hollywood Kitty Company turned the sinking ship into a plaything for cat. The sinking ship condo is very accessible with 6 port-hole openings around the condo and 1 deck opening. To imitate the mark of the iceberg, there’s a gaping hole at the bottom of the ship that also doubles as a cozy hideout spot. The chimneys act as 3 play tunnels. This luxurious condo measures 6 feet long and 4 feet tall and has 3 levels inside. The sinking ship is kept standing, by the sisal scratching post. The base structure is made with ply wood and then covered with soft, cushiony nylon carpet. Anybody who’s watched Cats and Dogs will know that cats could run the world someday, so maybe if felines were in charge of the titanic back then, they would have been able to foresee or smell the iceberg miles away.

titanic-cat-condo-1This kitty condo makes for a good play house if you have multiple purring fur-balls, an extremely large living room and $2000 to spare or you just have a cat who always gets what it wants. The Purrplex condo might be more reasonably priced in comparison, though definitely not half as fun.

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[via – Geekologie]

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