Spoil your Kitty with her very own Purrplex condo

For all those who think that the market is more dog friendly than cat friendly, think again. No longer will you find the pet market flooded with luxurious goods for dogs only. The cats, too, are making their presence felt, and that is why manufacturers have come up with exquisite items to pamper your kitty. Take, for instance, this one-bedroom home for your feline friend from Purrplex! This amazing condo includes a bathroom, bedroom, dining room, and pantry, all in one!

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Constructed high-density plastic laminate on high-density 3/4″ particle board, Purrplex’s surface is countertop grade laminate that withstands moisture. Your cats can enter through two ports on the left side. The lower one leads to the sleeping area while the upper one will take your kitty to the litter box area. And one jump away from there is the dining area. The pantry comes with an adjustable shelf. Available in 3 colors (Wilsonart Antique White, Black, or Wild Cherry), the Purrplex is a heaven for your kitty.
The condo measures 30.75″ W x 22″ D x 34.5″ H in size and is priced at a whopping $315. You can also get different cushions for an extra $20. A great creation, Purrplex promises to make your kitty purr with joy.

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