Spoiling pooches with toys and clothes worth £15,000 a year!

They call it a dog’s life. However, most dogs seem to have it easier than the human race. Dogs sleep just about anywhere, pay no insurance premiums, have no mortgages to take care of, and mate without a worry of their respective spouses or offspring! Take these bulldogs for instance. More pampered than the rest of them pooches out there, these six have about £15,000 spent on their clothes and toys every year! Owner Karen Chamberlain’s bulldogs sleep on Egyptian cotton and eat home-cooked organic meals and woke up on Christmas Day with a pile of presents including a £100 bed, a £35 tracksuit and a £25 jacket for each. the bulldogs, Lady Lola, 9, Princess Tia, 6, Baby Gracie, 3, and 18-month-old triplets Angel Star, Scarlet Sky and Lil Bell live a charmed life indeed, eating £3,000 worth of organic food annually. That’s not all. Businesswoman Chamberlain spoils her fur babies with a wardrobe full of tutus, diamante collars, fairy wings, leather jackets and dresses, enough to make good old fairy godmother go green with jealousy!

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