Spoiling pooches with toys and clothes worth £15,000 a year!

They call it a dog’s life. However, most dogs seem to have it easier than the human race. Dogs sleep just about anywhere, pay no insurance premiums, have no mortgages to take care of, and mate without worrying about their respective spouses or offspring! Take these bulldogs, for instance. More pampered than the rest of them pooches out there, these six have about £15,000 spent on their clothes and toys every year! Owner Karen Chamberlain’s bulldogs sleep on Egyptian cotton and eat home-cooked organic meals and wake up on Christmas Day with a pile of presents, including a £100 bed, a £35 tracksuit, a £25 jacket for each. The Bulldogs, Lady Lola, 9, Princess Tia, 6, Baby Gracie, 3, and 18-month-old triplets Angel Star, Scarlet Sky, and Lil Bell live a charmed life indeed, eating £3,000 worth of organic food annually. That’s not all. Businesswoman Chamberlain spoils her fur babies with a wardrobe full of tutus, diamante collars, fairy wings, leather jackets, and dresses, enough to make good old fairy godmother go green with jealousy!