Swarovski-studded Mink coats for dogs are pathetic

We at Luxurylaunches believe in embracing high-end fashion, but all the extravagance and opulence without concern for the environment is quite futile. The Chien Bizarre store is probably unaware or deliberately ignores that the Mink population is going extinct, to have created this Silver Blue Mink Coat with Swarovski crystals. Furthermore, the irony is that the coat has been created for dogs, which have a decent quantity of fur of their own. Agreed, not as much as the Australian sheep, but they’re self-sufficient enough, to not be a nuisance for the species at the brink of extinction!

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The Mink coat available in colors of black, grey, brown and pearl is definitely not going to come cheap; it’s worth $5,600.
Another SC Mink coat with Swarovski crystals with black silk lining and two way zipper retails for $5,375.
The collection starts from $1,200.
Even the idea of the $250,000 pet wedding was ridiculous, but at least the proceeds were going to a good cause!
[Chienbizarre and Neatorama]

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