Terrifying and creepy – Look like your cat with these $2,700 custom Japanese masks

You must be an ardent pet lover if the idea of aping your pet has got you excited enough to read this piece. If like us, you too consider your furry friend as a family, then there’s something you could do to display your undying love for him/her! And no, we aren’t talking about those flimsy spas and staycations for your four-legged but are in fact referring to a face mask that will allow you to ape your furball’s cuteness to the tee!

Offering a brand-new product to doting pet parents is Japanese modeling workshop 91 that has recently collaborated with creative planning office Shindo Rinka to create one of-its-kind face masks, customized to fit your pet’s appearance. Called ‘My Family’ masks, the eerie looking face plasters are meant to symbolize the bond that one has with their pets, albeit gifting them a mini identity-crisis of sorts!

In order to look like your pet, you will need to send in the best picture of your pooch to the makers who will then turn it into a mask created from a hand-sculpted mold. Once the basic structure is in place, the custom-fitted mask is enamored with faux fur which is further painted for details. The ‘My Family’ masks can be ordered online by filling out a form on the Shindo Rinka website for a whopping $2,700(plus)! Afterall, who said that looking like your pet comes at a small price!

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