The best thing you will see today – Adorable photos of pet pooches working from home with their owners

Working from home is no easy task. But, easing the situation for pet owners are doting doggies – who refuse to leave them alone for even a minute! Capturing the woes and wonders of working in isolation with pets is Melbourne-based brand manager and dog owner Mark Polchleb who recently created the ‘Dogs Working from Home’ Instagram account.

The social media account lists adorable pictures of furry friends working from home, from all over the world, with a bio that reads – “They’re the unsung heroes of our webcam meetings, the pawfect 3pm procrastination cure and also thinking ‘y tf u home human?” Commenting on his novel idea, Polchleb said, “I just took advantage of the fact that my dogs are at my feet. I thought ‘we all need a bit of happiness in our lives right now’.”

In under a week, the account has more than 36,000 followers – a number that is only growing steadily! Polchleb claims to receive hundreds of photographs each day, of which he plans on posting the best ones online. If you wish to see your dog on Instagram, all you need to do is click a picture of him snuggling with you at home, all while you try to get some work done! In the meanwhile, check out some of our favorite pics from the ‘Dogs Working from Home’ Instagram account:

[Dogs Working from Home Via: My Modern Met]

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