The Internet has gone crazy seeing puppies getting pampered at this luxury doggie daycare in South Korea

Now, it really isn’t uncommon for us to find a daycare facility or hostel for our dogs in the United States. However, much to our surprise (and that of the whole internet), it’s the land of South Korea that is tendering to young pooches, unlike anything that we have seen before!
Enter- The Pet Kindergarten in Gyeonggi-Do, a place where your four-legged is looked after like a baby! The ingenious space is designed to provide pet owners aid when they are away for work and do not wish to keep their pups alone and bored at home. The center is further run by certified professional dog behavior experts and onboard a pet only after careful documentation and analysis of any ‘problem behavior.

Designed for your pet ultimate happiness, the facility includes a private outdoor playground as well as indoor areas for play and activities. It also includes a space where pooches can nap at leisure in their very own comfy beds. The pet Kindergarten is a big hit in the country and is even becoming a viral sensation on Instagram – thanks to their staff who regularly post pictures of the adorable fur-balls online.
If you want to catch puppies napping away to glory, check out the official Instagram page of ‘Puppy Spring Puppy Kindergarten here.


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