The Pawfection Pet Boutique douses your doggie in Coco Chanel after a luxurious treatment

Of fake nails and facials! I refer here to a recently opened pup boutique. And wuff! Says the pooch. He knows what I’m talking about. After all, he is no wagging stranger to grooming, thanks to places such as the Harrods Pet Spa, Spa Paws Hotel and now the Pawfection Pet Boutique. Started by Michelle Inch, the place offers matching manicures for dogs and owners besides facials, paw relaxation, and fur styling and dying, with people paying up to $160 a time for their pets to enjoy luxury treatments.

The salon also sells a full range of doggie decadence, including clothes such as wedding outfits, quirky fancy dress costumes, lifejackets, and even hiking boots, along with customized collars and leads to a harness studded with diamante jewelry, besides birthday cakes and dog ice cream. The services are also being offered for cats and horses in Barry, South Wales.

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“Everyone loves the look of the place; it’s like a real human salon where their pets can get spoiled rotten,” explains Michelle. What’s not to love! After all, the boutique comes kitted out with a diamante chandelier, polished granite flooring, and lavish French furniture. It even features a pet spa with a luxury walk-in wet room. After their treatments, pets are sprayed with a splash of Jean Paul Gaultier or Coco Channel finishing sprays. Michelle doles out almost $10,000 a year on her two dogs, “I have always loved animals. I adore my two dogs, and I also own horses,” and already has over 2000 clients. “A lot of my customers treat their pets like their own children,” says she.

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With $8 nail treatments to $16 facials and a variety of fun fur dyes and glitter designs, costing anything from $100 to $150, the boutique sounds pawfect for your pets indeed! “They are a part of the family. Why shouldn’t they be treated and pampered every now and then?” Correct Michelle! And if that isn’t enough for your precious pup(s), you can now get her/him/them all glued up in tattoos for dogs by pet groomer Jorge Bendersky.

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