The rare hybrid panda cow sets the trend of a new luxury pet breed

If you want a pet out of the ordinary, a hybrid one is the best bet. And if it’s a panda that you want, that too with a twist, head over to Larimer County where farmer Chris Jessen has just the thing you need! The farmer, known for his miniature cattle farm, has a so-called ‘panda cow.’ Limited to 24, the firstborn male-calf named Ben is a result of genetic manipulation by Richard Gradwohl, a farmer in Covington, Washington.

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As per Covington, the rare hybrid is said to be composed of eight different breeds. Sold as pets, each of these panda calves will cost $30,000. The calf has a white fur belt at his midsection, a cow’s face, and black ovals around the eyes to make it appear like a panda as well. When you go to pick up your pet, don’t forget to check out the miniature kangaroos too.
[Cnngo Via – Dailymail]

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