The world’s first headphones for cats are designed to keep the dog sounds out

The love for cats these days has taken people so far as to make them adapt to ‘our lifestyle’, expecting them to do the things we do. One such ridiculous attempt by Sol Republic is a pair of headphones created specially for the meow in the house. The headphones titled Sol Republic x Meowingtons Cat Headphones apparently offer I4 Sound Engines that deliver deep bass and detachable sound engines- An attempt to spur “dog isolating technology”. While all of that sound quite impressive on the technology front, it all seems a little futile as cats are the most irritable to sounds.

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If you hang it on their little heads, there’s a fair chance that they’d knock it off and play with it like it was a bone or something. That’s not a very good thing to do when their owners have spent a whopping $1,000 for the unique headphones- A luxury that most humans are deprived of. Only 10 of these exclusive headphones have been created and there’s a waitlist on the solrepublic website to own the product. If you still want to get your kitty hitched with the ‘niche’ product you might want to wait on.

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