The world’s first luxury animal ward opens at the South Point Pet Hospital, Surrey

Where would you take your exotic pet to make sure that he is nursed back to health in a jiffy and that too in the same opulent style that he is used to? Well, you take him to the world’s first luxury animal ward at the South Point Pet Hospital, Surrey, BC. An initiative started by leading neuro-orthopedic veterinary surgeon Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, the hospital will care for unwell dogs and cats alike with the most advanced treatment and rehabilitation facilities the world over. Your pet needs the best care it can get especially when he is sick, right?

If you plan to take a vacation and are worried about sending your cat away to safety, the hospital also has an exclusively feline luxury boarding set up with “Six Beautiful theme roomed multi-level cat condos.” Rest assured your precious kitty will get all the personal pampering and undivided attention from the hospital’s professional staff. Click here for more information.

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