The world’s most expensive dog collar costs $3.2 million

How do you keep your girl happy and reward your pooch to be loayl all at once? Well, you get diamonds, for both of them. While it’s easier to find a diamond for a lady, it’s getting just as easy to shop for your loyal pet as well. The La Collection de Bijoux offers quite a few opulent collars for pets with wealthy owners. Sporting mostly diamonds and sapphires, these collars can cost you as little as $150,000 or as high as $3.2 million, depending on the depth of your feelings and your pocket. Made by I Love Dogs Diamonds, these customized collars require eight to 12 weeks to complete. Well, if you are wondering what the world’s most expensive dog collar worth $3.2 million baby features, then here’s the scoop.

It sports 1,600 diamonds worth 52 carats in a three-tier chandelier-style design and is quite obviously dubbed as the world’s most expensive collar. If you are looking at something a bit economical yet regal, then the Amour De La Mer with 600 handset diamonds and 8.5-carat sapphire should fit the bill.
But at $900,000, it’s not as cheap as you think. I can already see an Oprah Winfrey or Mark Zuckerburg pondering over which ones to buy!

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